“Benaras is Older than history; older than tradition; older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together…"- Mark Twain Benaras is one of the oldest cities where you can feel like a dweller and a Read more


“Every face is born with a thousand masks to go with it." Marty Rubin Among all, Human faces are the most attractive. Every face can make different expressions. The Photography Club of IIT (BHU) in collaboration with Masquerades Read more


“History is the current Mystery” Often the life changing secret treasures of mankind are easier to find, than to understand! Now your task is to solve such mysteries that we hook you up with. The Read more


Beauty can be seen in all things. Seeing and Composing the beauty is what separates a scene from a photograph. If your photo can express emotions, charm the world Read more


“Manipulation is the art which lets an artist fabricate his creative vision into an image.” In this event, each Participant will be given a collection of 15 Photographs, using which they need to create a completely modified and edited Read more